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1 x HRL12390W CSB VRLA Gel batteries

Hi, take advantage of the special that we are running on our 120ah CSB batteries with 12years lifespan and heavy duty and are good for your solar & inverter system where you save R500 per battery.. They are designed for solar, inverters, ups, tv, wind turbines, car, generators, lights , computers, laptop, gyeser, washing machine, fridge, DSTV, alarm system, use and produce more power than compared to conventional deep cycle batteries.

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1 x 260W JA Solar PV Panels


Approx. 3.5% more power output per m²

Higher conversion efficiency, higher capacity and power output performance per unit area   Note: Data is based on the comparison of the  JAM6(K)-60/4BB module (280W) and similar products on the market (270W).
Industry average

Higher module efficiency reduces system costs per watt

Reduction of transportation costs 7%
Reduction of land costs 5%
Reduction of installation costs 4%
Reduction of BOS-costs 3%

Note: Data is based on an estimate  derived from the comparison of the  JAM6(K)-60/4BB module (280W) and similar products (270W).

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1 x 3kva 3kw expert hybrid Inverter

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