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5KVA/3KW skyking inverter


5KVA/3KW true sine wave inverters on special price drop sale… this is the cheapest price you pay in the whole country Feature: Auto bi-directional switch over, hybrid function, LCD display, true sine wave, extra heavy duty transformer technology and many more great features. This inverter is powerful enough to power your entire home/office (small sized) get the inverter that does it all.

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Features of Devel 3000W/3kw  inverter LPT3000

  • Pure sine wave output
  • Input & Output full isolation
  • AC charger with 4-stage charge mode, up to 75A
  • High efficiency design up to 85%, energy saving mode
  • Excellent loads with 3-star rated start power
  • 7 LED display shows the work and charging station
  • Built-in LCD display to show data
  • Built-in AC bypass relay, UPS function
  • Advanced Microprocessor control
  • Input polarity/ UVP/ OVP/ OSP/ OLP/ OTP
  • Remote Control


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