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200AH Goldshine/fivestar or allgrand Gel long life batteries


Hi, Invest in some of the best batteries for your solar system or ups system today.
Imagine a battery that will last you 14years in lifespan, a battery designed for way much deaper discharge of 80% and still give you 2000+ cycles. a battery that can be stored anywhere even in your bedroom and produce 0% fumes, gases or heat, a battery that can be stored even on concrete, sideways, if you want a solar battery with these specs, these are the ones for you.

These batteries are good for both solar and ups and can be used for systems to power washing machines, LED tvs, hifi systems, more than one fridges, computers, laptops, chargers, Lights, borehole pumps, farms offices and many more.

love them? get yours today for just R1,695 but hurry as stock is limited and going fast.
these batteries are normally R2200 but for what week only you save R500 and pay just R3,295


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