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2KW Lento Solar hybrid inverter with Buit in Solar Charger

R3,700.00 R2,995.00

Hi, if you need an inverter that is built for solar use and will deliver for you the best possible value for your investment, then based on our 15year solar equipment experience; this is what we recommend for you.

with this inverter you can power your fridge, Big tv (more than one) sound system, all lights in your house, camera & security, computer as well as other house hold & office appliances and has a built in solar charger for best Solar power management.

it comes with a detailed LCD display that will show you KWH your system produces, how much power you are generating from the sun, how much you are using as well as how much you have left…

this really is the top of the range & quality in inverter technology…

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Product Details

  • Product is too softing life
  • Integrated inventory management system as included
  • More Powerfull option and very easy to Use
  • It is optimize at 100% built-in It
Features Other Brands Lento
Intelligent Battery Charger for Deep Discharged Battery. No Yes
More Back-up being a sine wave UPS (ASIC Control) Yes Yes
No humming Noise (Silent UPS) No Yes
Selector Switch for Normal/UPS Yes Yes
Advance Battery Management for longer battery life and prevent battery from overcharging Yes Yes
Comprehensive LCD Display to show all system parameters No Yes
Sine Wave Output even on CFL like load No Yes
DSP based which results proper control on voltage and current No Yes
Field Failure Ratio (Less than 1%) The most reliable product of Industry in India as per industry feedback No Yes



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