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Battery and Solar cabling


These cables are suitable for welding equipment,charger machine in industry , in automated welding equipment, in tooling constructions, automobile and shipbuilding as well as for hand-held electrodes in workshops and at building sites.

Robust construction makes these cables resistant to low and high temperatures, fire, ozone and radiation, oils, acids, greases and gasoline. These flexible and robust current-carrying cables are suitable for use at high mechanical loads in dry indoors.

Conductor : Flexible bare annealed copper wire or tinned copper wire
Insulation: PVC or Rubber Material or EPR
Sheath: PVC or Rubber Material or CSP
No.Cross-section 10mm2-185mm2
Choice of Black, Orange, Red or Yellow Blue jacket, single & double insulated.


  1. Soft Cables, having good bending properties
  2. The sheath material made of natural rubber or chloroprene rubber mixture,
    can be applied to different situations, good electrical physical properties
    3. Chloroprene rubber mixture with heat oil and retardant performance
    4. The maximum continuous operating temperature of the cable is 65 ℃
    5.Color:Black, Orange, Red or Yellow Blue jacket, single & double insulated.

    International: IEC 60502, IEC 60228, IEC60245-6:1994

China: GB/T 12706.1-2008  GB/T 9330-2008

Other standards such as BS,DIN and ICEA upon request


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