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100AH Yuasa Gel/AGM Long life batteries


Get this amazing battery with 12years lifespan and heavy duty and are good for your solar & inverter system where you save R500 per battery.. They are designed for and recommended for you if you have or want to install solar, inverters, ups, tv, wind turbines, car, generators, lights , computers, laptop, gyeser, washing machine, fridge, DSTV, alarm system, use and produce more power than compared to conventional deep cycle batteries.

  • EUROBAT Classification: 10 to 12 years ‘Long Life’
  • General purpose VRLA battery
  • Compliant with IEC60896-21+22
  • FR case option to UL94:V0
  • Absorbed Glass Mat construction with no free acid
  • Gas recombination
  • Most types manufactured in the UK
  • Good recovery from deep discharge
  • Operation in any orientation (excluding continuous inverted use)
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Yuasa Technical Data Sheet
Yuasa NPL100-12 Industrial VRLA Battery
Nominal voltage (V) 12
20-hr rate Capacity to 10.5V at 20°C (Ah) 100
10-hr rate Capacity to 10.8V at 20°C (Ah) 88
Length (mm) 407 (±0.7)
Width (mm) 172 (±0.5)
Height (mm) 240 (±0.7)
Mass (kg) 39
Terminal Type
Threaded terminal - (M=Male or F=Female) M10 LUG
Torque (Nm) 16.5
Operating Temperature Range
Storage (in fully charged condition) -20°C to +50°C
Charge -15°C to +50°C
Discharge -20°C to +60°C
Capacity loss per month at 20°C (% approx.) 3
Case Material
Standard ABS (UL94:HB)
FR version available UL94:V0
Charge Voltage
Float charge voltage at 20°C (V)/Block 13.65 (±1%)
Float charge voltage at 20°C (V)/Cell 2.275 (±1%)
Float Chg voltage tmp correction factor from std
20°C (mV)
Cyclic (or Boost) charge Voltage at 20°C (V)/Block 14.5 (±3%)
Cyclic (or Boost) charge Voltage at 20°C (V)/Cell 2.42 (±3%)
Cyclic Chg voltage tmp correction factor from std
20°C (mV)
Charge Current
Float charge current limit (A) No limit
Cyclic (or Boost) charge current limit (A) 25
Maximum Discharge Current
1 second (A) 1000
1 minute (A) 500
Measured at 1 kHz (mΩ) 4
Design Life & Approvals
EUROBAT Classification: Long life 10 to 12
Yuasa design life at 20°C (yrs) up to 10


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