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10-50KW Samil Solar inverters


Hi, Get the most Advanced Solar Inverters in the Country today and experience the benefits of free electricity from the Sun.
these inverters translate direct solar power into AC power to run your appliances, Uses etc and do not need batteries guaranteeing you decades of free electricity.
whether you are a small or large mansion, Small office or large company/Shoping center or even town, these inverters will supply you will electricity and never pay for electricity again saving you or your company thousands to millions of Rands on bills.



  • Rating: 10,000W
  • Phases: 3
Integrated Webconnect function for easy and fast access to Sunny Portal via Ethernet
Low weigth of 37 kg for easy and time saving installation
Attractive product design and small dimensions enable easy wall-mounting and ensure greatest possible flexiblity in installation site
External antenna for an outstanding communication quality
Integrated Multifunctional relais to connect additional loads, e.g. acoustical warning signal Monitoring / Interfaces
Integrated: SMA Speedwire/Webconnect Interface, Multifunctional Relais, SMA Bluetooth
Optional: Power Control Module, RS485
Weight:38.5 kgRated Power:10,000 WMin PPT Voltage:320 VMax PPT Voltage:800 VDC Startup Voltage:188 VDC Shutdown Voltage:150 VMax Input Voltage:1,000 VMax DC Power:10,200 WMax AC Power:10,000 WMax DC Current:33 AMax DC Inputs:5Has DC Fuses:1Connector:Sunclix  Included Connectors:5Euro Efficiency:97.7 %Transformer:NoneIP Rating:IP65MPPT Trackers:2Has Integrated DC Switch:YesWarranty:5 years


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